10 Reasons You Should Love Blogging

  • By L WHITE
  • 07 Mar, 2017

Blog posts are a great way to get recognized within your community and share your voice. Here are the top 10 reasons you should love writing blog posts.

Anyone can make one:
For better or worse, anyone can write a blog post about anything they want. Everyone has a voice and the best voices will rise to the top.

The writer can show their personality:
In blog posts, the writer has more leeway to add in their voice and personality than other types of writing.

Blogs are a great form of mass communication:
You can help people, learn new things, entertain your audience—the possibilities are endless and amazing. Blogging opens up all of these to a very wide audience.

You can make money:

Get the right blog going and you can make a lot of money through advertising and sponsored posts.

It allows people to craft better thoughts:
Instead of reading haphazard, uneducated Facebook statuses, it’s much better to see people’s thought process in a well-written blog post.

You can establish a community:
Blogging allows you to connect with other individuals who share the same interests. Sharing ideas and opinions within your community helps establish yourself as a thought leader.

Good for SEO:
Keeping content on your site fresh and relevant, you can use your blog to boost the search engine ranking (SEO) of your site and your business.

It brings people back to your site:

If your blog is strong enough and updated regularly, people will come back looking for more and bring traffic back to your site as well.

It’s free:
It costs you a grand total of zero dollars to post to the blog, so if you have something to say, there’s nothing to stop you.

You can establish yourself as a thought leader:

A blog is a great place for your original thoughts, and it can be a wonderful way to show off your individuality. If people like your ideas, you can become a thought leader in your industry!

What else do you love about blogs? Let me know!

JJ Engineering Co.

By L WHITE 08 Sep, 2017

 Air conditioning systems use heat pump technology to provide heating, cooling and hot water where required. Most heat pumps require only a small amount of electricity to harvest, upgrade and move heat from one location to another.

To achieve this a vapour compression cycle is used, which has the ability to move heat from one space to another. Low temperature heat from the environment can be increased to usable temperatures inside the building in the winter, or waste heat from a building can be moved outside in the summer, or even recovered in to hot water.

The efficiency of a heat pump is known as the Coefficient of Performance or CoP (or Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) in cooling mode). This is a ratio of the heat delivered to power consumed.

The operation of a heat pump is similar to a refrigerator. This process is known as the vapour compression cycle and the following is a more detailed explanation and example of the system delivering heat into a building. Cooling is the same, but the heat is taken from the inside and rejected to the outside.

By L WHITE 21 Aug, 2017
The purpose of this technical blog is to highlight the extract requirements for different kitchens within the same non-domestic building. It should be used alongside BS9999: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings and Approved Document F which cover this topic more extensively.
By L WHITE 01 Jun, 2017
Leak checks changed under F Gas Regulations from 1st January 2017 - they are now based on the CO2 equivalent of the refrigerant in the system (GWP x volume).
By L WHITE 11 May, 2017
The electric car charging points we install are designed and manufactured in the UK,  building smart energy technologies. Electric Vehicle charging points designed for homes, workplaces and destinations. Plus there is a revolutionary smart energy device – which puts up to 30 chargers online, unlocking software capabilities and in the near future - solar, battery storage, smart-grid and smart-home integration.

By L WHITE 27 Apr, 2017
With summer fast approaching why not get prepared and get an Air Conditioning system installed within your property.
We at JJ Engineering Co. recommend Mitsubishi Electric's Zen Inverter system. The Zen Series is a wall mounted system that blends energy efficiency with a sophisticated, streamlined design.

Combining an impressively low power consumption with a quiet, yet powerful performance, units have a distinctively styled front panel that not only looks appealing, but also helps to make cleaning of the unit easier.

Designed to complement modern interior décor and suitable for a wide range of applications, Zen units blend in naturally wherever they are installed and are available in three striking
colours; black, silver and white.

Technology at its finest!

By L WHITE 11 Apr, 2017
With more 1.5 million complaints made to Trading Standards last year, we want you to give you the confidence to hire a reputable tradesperson/company, knowing they can be trusted.

* Unskilled rogue traders are targeting hundreds of thousands of homes/businesses around the UK each year.
* Some homeowners don’t know where to find registered tradespeople they can rely on.
* Gas and electrical are two of the most dangerous trades to employ, if done incorrectly and not to the current UK standards, the results can be catastrophic.
* Rogue traders misuse trade association logos in order to lure you into false sense of the security.
* It’s important to check your tradesperson/company is registered with a scheme associated with their trade.
* The elderly are high risk targets for rogue traders because they are vulnerable and easy to persuade.
*Always get 3 quotes to compare, don't always assume the cheapest is the best.

Electricians, Air Conditioning Engineers and Gas Installers,  are  biggest trades that can be easily prevented through the use of online registers, which can help customers find a fully qualified and registered tradesperson to undertake the job. More than 41,000 registered electrical firms can be found on Registered Competent Person Electrical, Refcom and Gas Safe Register. Still only 46% of the public know how to check if their electrician is registered or not.

By L WHITE 27 Mar, 2017
Why Refcom Elite?

Refcom Elite has been operating since 1994 to promote best practice in refrigerant management. This voluntary scheme encourages working to industry codes of practice and compliance with the latest industry legislation.

Refcom Elite membership proves to owners/operators that, following independent third party inspection, your refrigeration or air conditioning business:

>  Can competently install, commission, decommission or maintain a system containing refrigerant.
>  Are licensed waste carriers. 
>  Handles refrigerants safely.
>  Is compliant with all current legal requirements.
>  Operates auditable procedures for the proper control of refrigerants and can account for all refrigerant used and recovered.
>  Uses appropriate, purpose-designed refrigerant recovery equipment.
>  Performs refrigerant transactions with minimum emissions and is environmentally aware.

Refcom Elite membership demands higher standards than those set out in the F gas Regulations and sets Air conditioning and Refrigeration businesses apart from their competitors.

By L WHITE 21 Mar, 2017

Under the new, revised regulations, electrical work undertaken in kitchens such as adding a new socket or installing a new security light outdoors are no longer notifiable unless a new circuit is required.

Work that is notifiable to local building control Below is an example of the type of work that is notifiable:

* The installation of a new circuit
* The replacement of a consumer unit or
* Any addition or alteration to existing circuits in a ‘special location’

A ‘special location’ is considered to be a bathroom where there is a higher risk of water mixing with electrics, giving rise to an increased potential for an electric shock. When working in bathrooms certain restrictions must be adhered to so that switches, and other electrical equipment are installed at safe distances away from showers, baths and taps where the risk of mixing electricity and water is increased.

Work that is not notifiable to local building control

Below are examples of work that is not notifiable:

* Additions and alterations to existing installations outside special locations, and replacements, repairs and maintenance anywhere.
* Installing a new cooker is not notifiable unless a new cooker circuit is needed.
* Connecting an electric gate or garage door to an existing isolator switch is not notifiable work but installing a new circuit from the consumer unit to the isolator is notifiable.

Failure to adhere to Part P

If you cannot provide the right evidence that electrical work has been carried out in accordance with the building regulations then your local building control may insist that the work is re-done at your cost. Additionally, not having the appropriate certification may cause problems when it comes to selling your home. It is a criminal offence to carry out work that does not comply with building regulations with a maximum fine of £5,000.
By L WHITE 16 Mar, 2017
The National Minimum Wage is the minimum pay per hour workers are entitled to by law, different rates of the NMW are paid depending on a worker’s age and whether or not they are an apprentice.
The National Living Wage applies to all working people aged over 25 years, and from April 2017 the rate will increase from £7.20 an hour to £7.50 an hour. For a number of years changes to the NMW would take place as of 1 October, this has now changed and from April 2017, any changes to the rates will come into force every April.

It is an offence not to pay your workers the Minimum or Living Wage – the new rates from April 2017 are:

> Workers aged 25 years or older - £7.50 per hour
> Workers aged 21-24 years - £7.05 per hour
> Workers aged 18-20 years - £5.60 per hour
> Workers aged 16-17 years - £4.05 per hour
> Apprentices under 19 years or 19 years or over who are in the first year of apprenticeship - £3.50 per hour.
By L WHITE 08 Mar, 2017
NICEIC has sent out more than 10,000 certificates and van stickers to its army of long serving customers which included JJ Engineering Co. (Bailes & Kidley Ltd).

The surprise gifts were sent out just before Valentines’ Day to contractors who have who have been with NICEIC for more than 10, 15, 25 and even 50 years.

Emma Clancy, CEO of Certsure, which operates the NICEIC brand commented: “When we looked back at how long some of our customers have been with us we thought there are not many companies in the UK who can claim to have such a loyal customer base over such a period.

“We have over 2,500 companies who have been with us for a quarter of a century and an incredible 350 firms who have been with us for over 50 years!

“We wanted to acknowledge that fact and recognise their continued support.”
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