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  • 07 Mar, 2017

It’s official, I have a blog and I know how to use it.

I have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to my site. I always wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to my site and check for updates right here on the blog.

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By L WHITE 01 Dec, 2017

Why R32?

The 2014 F–Gas Regulations will bring about significant changes to the air conditioning industry, affecting end users, facilities managers, specifiers and installers alike. 

This landmark ruling has one key objective: to reduce F–Gas emissions by 79% between 2015 and 2030, by cutting the availability of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) with a high Global Warming Potential (GWP). It's now up to everyone to make a real 'green commitment' – from manufacturers to installers, and managers to owners of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

It's time to look at alternatives, like R32 . Already making up 50% of the existing R410A refrigerant found in many current air conditioning systems, R32 has a GWP of 675 (one third that of R410A), is highly energy efficient and is easy to recycle. Plus, the volumetric capacity of R32 is around 20% higher than that of R410A, which means system refrigerant volumes are lower.

By L WHITE 01 Nov, 2017

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has backed a plan to build what could be the capital’s largest film studios, based in East London. The studios would be called East Brook Studios and in a nod to the hit film, in the artist's impression, bear the catchprhrase 'Made in Dagenham' at their summit.

If given the green light, it will be the first studio lot to be built for 25 years in the capital, which is hailed as the world’s third busiest city for filmmaking.

The Mayor is working with Film London, the London Local Enterprise Panel and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham to commission a feasibility study into the new studios. The process will be led by Film London in consultation with the film and television industries.
The potential site for the new studios is located near the London-east Industrial Park and has been selected because of its large size allowing a bespoke new facility to be built. The area is well connected with the District Line and the coming Crossrail services nearby, with quick access to central London.
The London Local Enterprise Partnership and Barking and Dagenham Council will invest up to £80,000 to develop a business case for the proposed new studios. This will look in detail at the demand for such a facility and the economic benefits it could bring to East London and the city as a whole.
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “From James Bond and Star Wars to Harry Potter and Bridget Jones’s Baby, London has a vibrant production history and some of the best studios in the world. To sustain and grow this success story, it is critical that the capital gets significantly more studio and production capacity to maximise the opportunities for filmmaking. London is open to the best creative and cultural minds and I am looking forward to exploring whether a new film studio in Dagenham could help the capital’s film industry thrive for years to come.”
Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, said: “London is one of the world’s busiest destinations for the film industry, with international filmmakers making a beeline for our city because they know it offers the very best by way of facilities, expertise and creative talent. Our global reputation means demand for studio space is incredibly high, and unlocking new studio space in east London would help maintain the capital’s competitive edge. If realised, this major new infrastructure project would mean a tremendous economic boost for Barking and Dagenham, the capital’s film and TV industries and the UK as a whole.”

By L WHITE 28 Sep, 2017

Badger ales have been brewed in the heart of the Dorset countryside since 1777.

It was Charles Hall, a Dorset farmer, who founded the brewery. 60 years later, his son Robert made his nephew, Edward Woodhouse, a partner, and they have remained an independent family brewer ever since, now owned by the seventh generation of Woodhouses.

JJ Engineering Co. are pleased to have Hall & Woodhouse  as one of their many long standing clients carrying out works at several of their pubs across the country.

By L WHITE 21 Sep, 2017
It is now just one year away until the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring regulations is published.
The new standard is expected to be available on or around July 1, 2018 with electrical contractors and electricians given a six month transition period to get up to speed with the changes.

From January 1 2019, it will then be a requirement that all electrical installations designed after this date comply with BS 7671:2018, 18th Edition (2018).
By L WHITE 08 Sep, 2017

 Air conditioning systems use heat pump technology to provide heating, cooling and hot water where required. Most heat pumps require only a small amount of electricity to harvest, upgrade and move heat from one location to another.

To achieve this a vapour compression cycle is used, which has the ability to move heat from one space to another. Low temperature heat from the environment can be increased to usable temperatures inside the building in the winter, or waste heat from a building can be moved outside in the summer, or even recovered in to hot water.

The efficiency of a heat pump is known as the Coefficient of Performance or CoP (or Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) in cooling mode). This is a ratio of the heat delivered to power consumed.

The operation of a heat pump is similar to a refrigerator. This process is known as the vapour compression cycle and the following is a more detailed explanation and example of the system delivering heat into a building. Cooling is the same, but the heat is taken from the inside and rejected to the outside.

By L WHITE 21 Aug, 2017
The purpose of this technical blog is to highlight the extract requirements for different kitchens within the same non-domestic building. It should be used alongside BS9999: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings and Approved Document F which cover this topic more extensively.
By L WHITE 01 Jun, 2017
Leak checks changed under F Gas Regulations from 1st January 2017 - they are now based on the CO2 equivalent of the refrigerant in the system (GWP x volume).
By L WHITE 11 May, 2017
The electric car charging points we install are designed and manufactured in the UK,  building smart energy technologies. Electric Vehicle charging points designed for homes, workplaces and destinations. Plus there is a revolutionary smart energy device – which puts up to 30 chargers online, unlocking software capabilities and in the near future - solar, battery storage, smart-grid and smart-home integration.

By L WHITE 27 Apr, 2017
With summer fast approaching why not get prepared and get an Air Conditioning system installed within your property.
We at JJ Engineering Co. recommend Mitsubishi Electric's Zen Inverter system. The Zen Series is a wall mounted system that blends energy efficiency with a sophisticated, streamlined design.

Combining an impressively low power consumption with a quiet, yet powerful performance, units have a distinctively styled front panel that not only looks appealing, but also helps to make cleaning of the unit easier.

Designed to complement modern interior décor and suitable for a wide range of applications, Zen units blend in naturally wherever they are installed and are available in three striking
colours; black, silver and white.

Technology at its finest!

By L WHITE 11 Apr, 2017
With more 1.5 million complaints made to Trading Standards last year, we want you to give you the confidence to hire a reputable tradesperson/company, knowing they can be trusted.

* Unskilled rogue traders are targeting hundreds of thousands of homes/businesses around the UK each year.
* Some homeowners don’t know where to find registered tradespeople they can rely on.
* Gas and electrical are two of the most dangerous trades to employ, if done incorrectly and not to the current UK standards, the results can be catastrophic.
* Rogue traders misuse trade association logos in order to lure you into false sense of the security.
* It’s important to check your tradesperson/company is registered with a scheme associated with their trade.
* The elderly are high risk targets for rogue traders because they are vulnerable and easy to persuade.
*Always get 3 quotes to compare, don't always assume the cheapest is the best.

Electricians, Air Conditioning Engineers and Gas Installers,  are  biggest trades that can be easily prevented through the use of online registers, which can help customers find a fully qualified and registered tradesperson to undertake the job. More than 41,000 registered electrical firms can be found on Registered Competent Person Electrical, Refcom and Gas Safe Register. Still only 46% of the public know how to check if their electrician is registered or not.

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